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Joule Mobile

Lease your bike with mobile service

Quick and easy. Employees select their bike from our online selection and get it delivered directly to their work or home via Joule.

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How it works

How a bike lease through Joule Mobile works

With Joule, bike leasing becomes a breeze. Choose a bike leasing package tailored to your organisation's needs and we'll get your employees in the saddle in no time.

From the bike to the accessories

Choose your dream bike directly online from our extensive selection and add accessories of your choice. Whether you are looking for speed, comfort, or load capacity, we have the right bike for you. Would you like to have a test ride? You can do that at one of our test days!

Mobile service package

With Joule Mobile, you can have your bike delivered, serviced and repaired at home or at work.

Breakdown assistance

Flat tire on your way to work? Thanks to our breakdown assistance subscription, you'll never stand still for long. We'll always get you back on the road quickly, wherever you are.


Bike to your final destination without worry. Our insurance covers theft and damage, so you're protected anytime, anywhere.

Step 1

Choose your bike

Your bike journey begins in our digital showroom or at one of our test days or events. Whether you're looking for a city bike, e-bike, or something more adventurous, our range offers something for everyone. Choose, click and shift into the next gear!

Step 2

Have your bike delivered to your home or office

Made your choice? We kick off the delivery process. Once your bike is all set for its first ride, it's delivered right to your doorstep.

Step 3

Carefree in the saddle with our mobile service

At Joule, service doesn't stop at delivery. Whether it's a minor tune-up or a major repair, our technicians will come to you. Simply book an appointment online and we'll get you back on the road in no time.

Lease plans

Not sure which plan you want? Compare them here

Choose the leasing plan that suits you or your business

Lease plans

Not sure which plan you want? Compare them here

Choose the leasing plan that suits you or your business

Joule Local
Personalised service and local expertise. Bike selection and maintenance are handled through a trusted local dealer.
Joule Mobile
Quick and easy. Employees select their bike online and get it delivered directly through Joule.
Choose your bike...
In the store of one of our dealers
Through our online shop
Order your bike...
Through uploading a quote in our platform
Directly via Joule
Choose from...
Endless bike options, at your dealer
30 A-brands in stock at Joule
Maintenance & repair
At your dealer
Through our mobile repair service
Insurance and roadside assistance
Insurance and breakdown assistance included in your package
Insurance and breakdown assistance included in your package
Feature Category
Lease term
12, 24, 36 or 48 months
12, 24, 36 or 48 months
Purchase option
Included in your package
Included in your package
Service package
Choose from 4 service packages: Basic, Standard, Premium and Advanced
Choose from 4 service packages: Basic, Standard, Premium and Advanced
Laurens van Joule


Founder - Marketing

Ready to put work into your leasing plan?

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Your questions,
our answers

What is included in a bike lease?


The lease includes the bike, a service voucher for maintenance and repairs, comprehensive damage and theft insurance, and a support subscription.

What is covered by the damage and theft insurance?


The damage and theft insurance covers you in case of damage due to vandalism, falls, collisions, and attempts at or actual theft. Upon approval of the insurance file, a deductible of €25 is usually charged.

How does Joule Mobile, the mobile service, work?


Through Joule Mobile, you can select from a number of bikes with mobile servicing. Our technicians come to your workplace or home for delivery, maintenance, or repairs. While the maintenance is happening, you can continue with your work calmly. Our technicians ensure your bike runs better than ever.

Joule Mobile: What brands are available?


You have a choice of more than 1,500 bikes. Be sure to check out our complete range on the online portal. You will find brands including Gazelle, Stromer, Koga, Oxford, Batavus, Larry vs. Harry (Bullit), Urban Arrow Cargo, Tern, Achielle, Canyon, Cowboy, Sparta, Advanced, Takashi, Dahon, Velo de Ville, Venturelli, Carla cargo, etc.

Joule Mobile: How quickly will my bike be repaired?


For urgent repairs, we try to come within two working days. If the repair is not urgent (the bike is still rideable), we come within two weeks or during the next annual maintenance.

What is the warranty on my bike?


Typically, you have a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on the electrical components such as the battery and the motor of the bike. With Joule, you can extend the warranty of your electrical components by one year as an option in your bike leasing contract.

How can I order a bike?


If you want to start a bike lease, you first need a bike package with an accompanying quote. You can simulate a quote through our client area!

Go to the Joule client area and choose your preferred service:

  • Joule Local: Go to your local bike shop and request a quote for your dream bike (and optional accessories). Upload your quote to the client area. Within two working days, you will receive a bike leasing quote that you can forward to your HR department.
  • Joule Mobile: Choose a bike and optional accessories from Joule's mobile range. Simulate the quote and review your bike package. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can send it for approval to your HR department.

Which bikes may I order?


In principle, you can order all types of bikes (unless the offer is limited by your employer). The main condition is that the bike cannot operate autonomously. In other words, you must always pedal to move the bike forward. For example, an electric scooter is not possible.

Which accessories may I order?

  • Mandatory accessories for insurance, if you do not already have them:
    • A lock with ART2 certification that allows the bike to be secured to a fixed anchor point.
    • For example:
      • A horseshoe lock with ART2 certification is not sufficient. A compatible insert lock must be provided.
  • Other permitted accessories:
    • Helmet
    • Other: Bike bags, pedals, lighting - essentially anything that can be fixed to the bike.
  • Not permitted:
    • Textiles
    • Water bottles
    • GPS

I need help choosing my bike!


That's not a problem. Our employees are happy to guide you to your perfect bike. You can ask for help here.

Can I also lease a speed pedelec?


Yes, as long as your employer allows it! The tax benefit also applies as long as the bike is not fully autonomous. Your lease automatically includes the application and registration of your license plate with the DIV.

For a speed pedelec:

* You must be at least 16 years old.

* You must hold a driver's license AM (moped 45 km/h), driver's license A1, A2 or A (motorcycle) or driver's license B (car).

* You are required to wear a bicycle helmet or moped helmet that complies with EN1078, providing protection for the temples and back of the head.

  • You may not transport children under 3 years of age. To transport children between 3 and 8 years of age, you must install an appropriate safety system. Civil liability insurance is not required by law for a speed pedelec with a non-autonomous motor, but may be required by the employer.

How do I send my quote to my HR department?


You can find an overview of all your quotes in the 'My quotes' section in the client area. From that submenu you can also forward your quote to your HR department. There are two ways to forward your quote:

* If your employer uses a payroll system, you can complete your order in the payroll system. You will get a link under the 'My quotes' overview.

  • If your employer does not use payroll, you can send the quote to your HR department from the client area.

When can my bike be delivered after HR approval?


Very fast! Delivery time depends a bit on where you chose your bike:

  • Through Joule Local, the delivery time depends on the information you get from your local dealer.
  • Through Joule Mobile, the bike is delivered between 4-6 weeks if in stock.

Still have questions? Contact Joule and we'll pedal as quickly as possible to provide you with an answer!

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