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Letting your employees lease bikes through Joule, that's the smartest choice

From tax benefits to a healthier workforce, with Joule as your bike leasing partner, your company is firmly in the saddle.

Bike leasing? A win-win for everyone.

Joule is an expert on cycling culture.

Track your entire bike fleet in our dashboard.

With terms ranging from 12 to 48 months, you choose flexibility.

Fleet Management Tool

Manage your entire bike fleet in one digital tool

From application to administration, bike fleet management has never been easier.

Simulate quotations

Calculate your leasing costs quickly and accurately with our calculator. That way, you'll also immediately see the best options for your team.

Link your social secretariat

Our tool integrates with your social secretariat for smooth administration and up-to-date info on tax benefits.

Approve business in a click

Manage bicycle requests and inspections without additional administrative effort.

Maintain an overview

Our dashboard gives you visibility into the use and maintenance of your entire bike fleet.

Bicycle Culture

We click your employees into the pedals

Tested and approved

Cycling leads to happy and healthy employees. Our cycling philosophy has already been tested at hundreds of companies.

Sprint to 20% bicycle users

Our goal is ambitious but achievable: at least one-fifth of your employees we want to get on bikes.

A range of actions

From informative sessions to test days, we organize actions that turn everyone into bicycle enthusiasts.

Flywheel Effect

Once up and running, we keep the cycling culture going in your company with ongoing support and promotions.

Lease plans

Not sure which plan you want? Compare them here

Choose the leasing plan that suits you or your business

Lease plans

Not sure which plan you want? Compare them here

Choose the leasing plan that suits you or your business

Joule Local
Personalised service and local expertise. Bike selection and maintenance are handled through a trusted local dealer.
Joule Mobile
Quick and easy. Employees select their bike online and get it delivered directly through Joule.
Choose your bike...
In the store of one of our dealers
Through our online shop
Order your bike...
Through uploading a quote in our platform
Directly via Joule
Choose from...
Endless bike options, at your dealer
30 A-brands in stock at Joule
Maintenance & repair
At your dealer
Through our mobile repair service
Insurance and roadside assistance
Insurance and breakdown assistance included in your package
Insurance and breakdown assistance included in your package
Feature Category
Lease term
12, 24, 36 or 48 months
12, 24, 36 or 48 months
Purchase option
Included in your package
Included in your package
Service package
Choose from 4 service packages: Basic, Standard, Premium and Advanced
Choose from 4 service packages: Basic, Standard, Premium and Advanced
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Joule turns every customer into a cycling enthusiast. Discover their story here.

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"Ce qui nous a surtout séduits chez Joule, c'était la disponibilité de nos personnes de contact, les conseils et surtout le fait d'avoir l'accompagnement d'un vrai spécialiste vélo et donc qui savait nous aider sur tous les aspects techniques liés au vélo."

Your questions,
our answers

How does bicycle purchasing work?


The organization purchases bicycles, or intervenes in a group purchase for the staff. You can also choose a maintenance contract. 

What is the difference between bicycle leasing and purchasing?


With bicycle leasing, you rent the bicycle. Joule remains the owner of your bike. With a purchase, on the other hand, you fully own the bike. 

Can I lease a bicycle through Joule as an individual?


Unfortunately, no. A bicycle lease through Joule is only possible for companies, self-employed people or government organizations. 

What are the benefits of the company bike?


We list the main benefits briefly:

  • Financial: A company bike is 40% cheaper than buying a bike as an individual. As a freelancer or employer, a bike is 100% tax-deductible. As an employee, you do not pay withholding tax (no VAA or benefit in kind) and no social security contributions, and you also get a bike allowance on top.
  • Functional: Say goodbye to traffic jams and stress! With an (electric) bike, you save time and can efficiently cover large distances to work.
  • Healthy: Regularly biking to work is good for your health.
  • Ecological: Choosing a company bike helps reduce CO2 emissions. You are not only making yourself but also the world healthier.   

What are the benefits of bicycle leasing?

  • Leasing a bike through your company is about 40% cheaper than buying a bike at no additional cost to the employer. You pay for a leased bike on gross wages, which means you end up paying less NSSO, employer contributions and taxes. Moreover, the cost is spread over a period of 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. 
  • When you lease a bike from Joule, you also hop on your bike carefree. Your bike package includes annual maintenance, damage and theft insurance, and a roadside assistance subscription. You also choose how you want your bike repaired: at home or at a bike store nearby.

Is there a minimum purchase?


No. At Joule, every company is welcome, regardless of the number of employees. Even as a freelancer without employees, you can come to us.

What is Joule?


Joule is a cycling partner for companies, independent workers and governments. Our mission is to get as many people as possible on their bikes. We take charge of the entire process of your bike plan, from concept to maintenance. We distribute more than 30 brands and have our own mechanics who deliver, maintain and repair the bikes. Minimum effort for maximum biking fun!

Who are we?

What if the employee leaves the company?


There are three options if the employee leaves the company during the term of the lease: 

  • the employee purchases the bicycle for its market value at the time;
  • the employee returns the bicycle upon payment of an administrative fee;
  • the employee passes the bicycle to a colleague.

However, the employer is free to limit or expand these options.

For what types of travel can I receive bike allowance?


The reimbursement applies only to travel from home to work and not to professional travel. Professional travel is regarded as a cost for the employer. The employee and employer mutually determine which is the best and safest route.

What are the (para)fiscal advantages of bike leasing?


If the employee regularly commutes by bike, the cost of the bike lease is exempt from social security contributions and tax. And the employer doesn't pay any employer contributions on the bike lease. If the bike is booked as an expense, it is also 100% tax deductible. Consult your payroll service provider and/or tax advisor for more information.


Can I also purchase a company bicycle?


At Joule you can lease ànd purchase bikes. If an employer buys a bike for his employee and the employee uses the bike regularly to commute, the same (para)fiscal benefits apply. 

How does a lease work?


The lease agreement (or rental agreement) is made between Joule and the employer. The employer can then include the main rights and obligations of the lease in a bike policy. This is internal company document, similar to the employment regulations. In addition, when the bicycle is issued, an appendix to the employment contract must be signed by the employer and the employee, stating how the cost will be passed on to the employee and what happens in the event of early termination of their contract.

What is a bike policy?


A bike policy (or bike regulations) is a document that establishes the rights and obligations of employer and employees with respect to bicycles. The approval of a bike policy is usually done the same way as the employment regulations. Therefore, the signature of individual employees is not required.

What are the leasing costs for the employer?


As an employer, you are completely free to determine what portion of the cost of the bike lease you will contribute: 

  • Full or partial payment: the employer pays (part of) the amount for the bicycle lease.
  • Cost-neutral for the employer: the bicycle lease is passed on to the employee through a deduction from net pay or through salary. 

How does bike leasing through salary work?


The cost of the bike lease is deducted from the employee's salary. Depending on the collective labor agreement, this can be done through one or more gross salary components (e.g. gross salary, end-of-year bonus or bonus). Since bike leasing is exempt from employer contributions, a budget is calculated with the total wage cost including employer contributions. The cost of the bike lease is deducted from that budget.

Bike leasing is exempt from employer contributions and as an employee you do not have to pay any social security or income tax. As a result, the net impact on the employee's salary can be up to 40% lower than the effective cost of the bicycle.

  • Calculator
  • Practical example for a bicycle lease of €100/month including VAT.
Bike lease €100/month incl. VAT
Catalog price bike: €2400 incl. VAT
Without bike leasing With bike leasing
Payroll €3250 €3250
Bicycle Leasing €0 -€100
New gross wage cost €3250 €3150
NSSO contribution employer €650 €630
Gross salary €2600 €2520
NSSO employee contribution €339,82 €329,36
Taxable Base €2260,18 €2190,64
Special contribution €23,11 €23,11
Net salary €1778,31 €1729,40
Net impact bicycle leasing/month €48.91 per month
Total net cost of bicycle leasing €1760,76

Be aware: The (para)fiscal benefits only apply if the employee regularly uses the bicycle for commuting. 

In some sectors, salary exchange is not possible (see next question).

Can everyone lease a bike through salary exchange?


The possibility of salary exchange is limited in a number of ways. The remaining gross salary can never crop below the sectoral gross salary. On the other hand, there are many collective agreements that prevent the exchange of certain gross salary components for another benefit (such as a bicycle). For more information, please consult your payroll service provider.


Does a benefit in kind apply to the leased bicycle?


There is no benefit in kind and therefore no tax if the bicycle is used regularly for commuting. We recommend that put this in your bike policy and that a declaration of honor is also requested from the employees. For example, you can stipulate that the employee must use the bicycle for 20% of the home to work trips.

How much does a bike lease cost for the employee


The benefit of bike leasing depends on several factors, including the tax rate. This depends, among other things, on the marital status of the employee, the number of dependent children, etc. For a correct calculation of the net cost of bicycle leasing, it is best to consult your payroll service provider. For an estimate you can always consult our calculator.


Can bike leasing be paid for through the year-end bonus?


Yes, it's possible. Except if the salary would drop below the wage scale (after deduction of the lease cost), or if the sectoral collective agreement doesn't allow it. The calculation is similar to the calculation of the gross salary.


How does bike allowance work?


The bicycle allowance is an expense allowance for employees for the commuting distance traveled by bicycle. This reimbursement is exempt from taxes and social security contributions up to 0.27€ per kilometer. Your employee then receives an allowance per kilometer traveled by bicycle. The bicycle allowance can be cumulated with the benefit of the lease bicycle. 

Is a bike allowance mandatory for the employer?


Based on a collective bargaining agreement in the National Labor Council (NAR), since May 1, it is mandatory for all employers in the private sector to give a bicycle allowance of 0.27€ to all employees who commute to work by bicycle. Nothing will change for employers who were already (compulsorily) providing a bicycle allowance.

What are the main elements of a lease?

  • duration
  • detailed description of the bikes
  • a commitment to take good care of the bike
  • contents of the bike leasing package
    • conditions of insurance and breakdown cover
    • maintenance and repair conditions
  • agreements around early termination

Where can I view Joule's bicycles?


You can check out our entire collection on our (online) shop. In addition, we will visit you at work for test days or you can test the bike. Do you have questions about the bicycle? Chat with one of our employees, book a consultation session via the website or send us an email!

Can I order through a local dealer?


In addition to the wide range that Joule itself offers (be sure to check out our product site), you can visit your local bike store.

Can I also purchase the bikes?


At Joule you can lease ànd purchase bikes. If an employer buys a bike for his employee and the employee uses the bike regularly to commute, the same (para)fiscal benefits apply.

What service packages are available for leased bikes?


At Joule, you can choose between two maintenance packages for leased bikes:

  • Mobile: the Joule mechanic comes to the workplace or your home for delivery, maintenance and repairs
  • Pick-up: You pick your bike at your favorite bike store and visit them for maintenance and repairs.

Mobile: What brands are available?


Be sure to check out our full range on the online portal. You'll find these brands, among others: Gazelle, Koga, Oxford, Batavus, QWIC, Larry vs. Harry (Bullit), Urban Arrow Cargo, Tern, Achielle, Canyon, Cowboy, Takashi, Dahon, Velo de Ville, Venturelli, Carla cargo,...

Mobile service: how does it work?


Our mechanics visit you at work or at home for delivery, maintenance or repairs. During the maintenance you can continue to work in peace. Our mechanics ensure that your bike rides smoothly again. 

Mobile service: How quickly do you arrive on site?


For an urgent repair we try to come by within 2 working days. If the repair is not urgent (the bike is still running), we will come by within 2 weeks. 

Mobile: Does Joule work with its own mechanics?


Yes, our mobile teams travel around the country to repair your leased bike at your place of work. Joule not only has its own technical team but also a partner network of approved freelancers who come by for urgent repairs. The partner network meets the Joule quality standards and has the knowledge and spare parts to keep your bike in optimal condition.

Pick-up service: how does it work?


With pickup services, you visit your local bike store and request a quote for your favorite bike and accessories. 

What is included in the service package?


Annual maintenance, comprehensive damage and theft insurance, a breakdown service subscription and a repair service. 

What is covered by the damage and theft insurance?


With damage and theft insurance you are covered in case of damage due to vandalism, a fall, a collision, and (attempted) theft. If the insurance file is approved, only an insurance excess will be charged. Check whether you have an AG Insurance or AEDES package.

What is included in annual maintenance?


The annual maintenance of a bike will result in fewer problems, and therefore fewer repairs. Maintenance involves the performance of services with the goal of preventing wear and tear and repairs:

  • lighting inspection and repair;
  • greasing the chain;
  • tire pressure check;
  • retightening of all bolts;
  • gear adjustment;
  • check headstock play;
  • software update;
  • adjusting brakes and replacing brake pads;
  • treat contact points.

What is included with roadside assistance?


If you have a breakdown on the road (even a flat tire) you can call for roadside assistance. This also applies in case of (attempted) theft or an accident . You benefit from assistance:

  • throughout Europe (see general terms and conditions for insured countries);
  • to twice a year;
  • at least 1 kilometer from your home address.

What is included in the repair service?


These are interventions exclusive to annual maintenance or an insurance file following damage or theft. For example, for a flat tire or a loose fender. 

  • Mobile: you are entitled to recovery interventions for your chosen recovery credit.
  • Pick-Up: you are entitled to recovery interventions for your chosen recovery credit.

How can I call Joule?


You can reach Joule at +3250892689. The line is available every working day from 09h00-18h00. The breakdown service is available 24/7. We will put you through via these shortcuts:

  • General questions about bike leasing and purchasing.
  • Joule operations: for information on repairs and maintenance.
  • Breakdown assistance (have your policy number handy).
  • Other questions or comments.

What happens if the employee leaves the company and ends the bike lease?


The agreements are established in the so called bicycle policy between your employer and employee. Usually there are 3 options: 

  • The employee can purchase the bicycle for its market value at that time.
  • The employee may return the bicycle upon payment of an administrative fee.
  • The employee can pass the bicycle to a colleague.

What happens when the lease ends?


At the end of the lease period, Joule will pick up the bicycle. Optionally, the cyclist can purchase the bike at market price.  

How do you get started with a bike leasing plan?


Joule breaks down the bike plan into three major phases: START, ACTIVATION, and CONTINUATION. In each of these phases, Joule guides the client towards the best bike plan.

What happens in the start-up phase?


In the start-up phase, we work with the organization to establish the fundamentals of your cycling plan. In this phase, we discuss:

  • payroll processing;
  • timing;
  • assortment;
  • maintenance package;
  • bicycle policy.

What happens in the activation phase?


In this phase, we try to get everyone excited. Joule's Customer Success Managers work on the bike file and organize activities to support the cycling experience:

  • info session live or via webinar;
  • personal interview with employees;
  • testing days at the office;
  • interactive cycling guide;
  • optional training speed pedelec;
  • possibility of personalization of the bikes and accessories.  

What happens in the follow-up phase?


Joule schedules deliveries, maintenance and repairs. You can reach us offline or online. 

Laurens van Joule


Founder - marketing

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