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Join Joule and become a leader in bicycle leasing. Give a growth spurt to your business and ride with us toward a more sustainable world.

Why Joule?

A partnership with Joule is like a tandem

When we pedal together we move forward faster. Give your customers the best possible service by pairing your local expertise with our innovative platform.

Attractive selection

Ride alongside Joule and gain access to a wide range of bikes, from city bikes to e-bikes.

Ride at a faster pace

Boost your company's visibility with Joule and grow alongside an expanding market.

Lease without worry

With our user-friendly platform, you'll make the leasing process easier than ever for yourself and your customers.

A chain of bicycle enthusiasts

Join our platoon of bike dealers and exchange knowledge with a growing community.

How it works

You provide the bike and the service, we handle the leasing

Let Joule take the wheel of your bike leasing. This way, you can focus on providing customers with premium bikes and first-class service without worries.

A customer visits you and chooses a bicycle

You create a quotation that the customer can upload to the portal

You deliver the bike to the customer, your way

Choice of endless bikes

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Your questions,
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How does Joule bike leasing work for local dealers?


We offer the leasing, you provide the service!

  1. The employee selects a bike and optional accessories in the store. The bike dealer prepares a quote in the name of Joule NV.
  2. If the customer wants an idea of the potential leasing price, a simulation can be made using the calculator.
  3. Joule receives the quote and converts it into a bike leasing quote for the employer and HR department.
  4. Upon approval of the bike leasing quote by the employee and HR department, the dealer receives an order form and can prepare the bike for delivery.
  5. Upon delivery of the bike, the bike dealer sends the signed delivery document to
  6. For maintenance or repairs, the bike dealer sends the invoice to Joule. The cost of the maintenance or repair is deducted from the customer's service voucher.

What information do I need on the quote?


Use this checklist:

  • Bike and accessory details
    • Ensure that the brand, model, color, and frame size are on the quote.
    • State the catalog price for the bike and per accessory, including VAT.
    • Prepare a quote excluding any discounts.
    • Mandatory accessories:
      • A lock with ART2 certification that allows the bike to be anchored to a fixed point.
      • For example:
        • A horseshoe lock with ART2 certification is not sufficient. A compatible insert lock must be provided.
    • Other permitted accessories:
      • Helmet
      • Other: Bike bags, pedals, lighting - essentially anything that can be fixed to the bike.
    • Not permitted:
      • Textiles
      • Water bottles
      • GPS
    • Delivery time for bike and accessories
  • Bike dealer details:
    • Contact person
    • Address
    • Website
    • Contact details

What are the business details of Joule NV?


Joule NV – BE0689.591.113, Rooigemlaan 455, 9000 Ghent

All quotes can be sent to

Is there a dealer portal?


From September 2024, there will be a dealer portal for all partners of Joule.

I want to become a partner of Joule!


Would you like to collaborate? We'd love that!

Send an email to and we will get in touch with you!

Still have questions? Contact Joule and we'll pedal as quickly as possible to provide you with an answer!

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