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Financial Controller

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Craving for a job in a scale-up with a green impact and even greener figures? Challenged by the financial complexity of bicycle leasing with in-house servicing? Then read this vacancy!

Joule is looking for an extra asset on its balance sheet, one that we never depreciate. We're searching a Financial Controller to flawlessly track and monitor our daily activities.



We don't like to label people, but you like to put a cost center on an invoice. You dream of profitability analyses and you happily dive through the different billing histories in search of a lost payment. In addition:

  • You have at least 2 years of experience as financial controller or accountant
  • You have a higher education degree
  • You are fluent in English or Dutch
  • You are an Excel wizard and have worked with CRM or ERP software before
  • You can work independently 
  • You are communicative
  • You like structure and are precise
  • You are not afraid to get up during team meetings and say "no, that is not in the budget!"



Welcome to the wonderful world of operating leasing and company bicycles. As a financial controller, you are responsible for financial planning and analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and internal control of Joule's activities. We're looking for someone to be our CFO'sright-hand, our Batman's Robin, our Hauspie 's Lernout . Or wait. No. Not the last one.

Your tasks will be broader than controlling in the narrow sense.

A brief overview:

Controlling& Accounting ( 60% ) :

  • You review and approve invoices
  • You execute payments
  • You liaise with the external accountant with respect to bookings
  • You make cost, revenue and profitability analyses
  • You prepare cash flow plans
  • You prepare quarterly forecast and annual budget reports for internal use and for the investors
  • You assist in the annual audit

Insurance ( 30% ) :

  • You make bicycle insurance policy requests
  • You follow up insurance claims with customers and the insurers

Financing ( 10% ) :

  • You prepare financing request documents for external investors and lenders



You will end up in a rapidly growing company, a young environment where customer focus, dynamism and job satisfaction are central. Of course we occasionally cross a cobblestone section, but we take the lead. Feel free to put yourself in our wheel.

What we have in store:

  • An attractive salary
  • A hospitalization insurance
  • Meal vouchers
  • Use of an electric bicycle
  • Relevant training and personal development
  • Good coffee and a fridge full of soft drinks, non-alcoholic protein-rich beer and alcoholic non-protein beer
  • A Joule sweater
  • 2 inner tubes and 1 pair of brake pads per year

A part-time job is possible.



B2B bicycle partner? We implement bicycle plans for companies and public institutions. Such a plan can consist of bicycle leasing, purchase and/or maintenance. The bicycles are used for commuting by employees (salary bicycles) or for business activities (cargo bicycles, pool bicycles). We draw up the plan and also execute it operationally from concept over order to maintenance. We do this with a very customer-oriented framework, full of energy.

Joule was founded in 2018 and has been doubling annually in size ever since. At the beginning of 2022, Lab Box, D'Ieteren 's start-up studio, and insurance company P&V invested in Joule, so that we can now shift up a gear.

Our values (yes we have some):

  • Stakeholder Intimacy : we like to work sustainably with our customers, colleagues, partnersand suppliers
  • Fun but functional : if it's useful, we'll make it fun
  • Transparency

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